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What a day, what a wedding in February

Congratulations to Ellis and Charlie who got married today. What a lovely sunny day in February and my 1st wedding of 2022.

Everyone from their friends and family welcomed me and the photographer.

So this is how it went, bridal prep was at the stunning Bosworth Hall just down the road from a battlefield a few hundred years ago. Can't remember the name?? Battle of ......??

Then onto the church in Coalville, a lovely church on the side of a busy road but, that didn't stop the guests and family and friends who attended and supported Ellis and Charlie. Charlie wearing some great suits and what a day for it. Sun shining what more could you ask.

Then switch the scene from the countryside to the city center to get the party started at Athena in Leicester. Later I found out that Ellis has boxed there trained by her dad Elvis. Fantastic.

Here are the highlights, enjoy.


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