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The only one I know - Bromwhich Park, Shropshire Lizi and Kieran

Born in the 80's then you might of heard of The Charlatans who hail down the road from Bromwich Park. It is a beautifully rustic wedding venue set at the heart of a working farm in the rural county of Shropshire. It's where I filmed Lizi and Kieran's special day and it's where they were joined by friends and family, lots of drinks, colour, and sounds filled the sunny Shropshire air. A great day, still not heard about the evening and there was a hidden nightclub at this rustic wedding barn venue.

Just watch the highlights for a better idea about this venue, I can't describe it...

you have to experience it. It's awesome, unique and in the good words of The Charlatans ... It's the only one I know.


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