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I bought a 2022 calendar

Hands up who got a 2022 calendar? Yes me too. Very excited to pencil in my weddings for 2021, and now 2022 is looking even better, just hope I did need to erase the dates this time. Let's make them bold in black ink and hopefully keep the dates locked down. Sorry about that...Anyhow normally I and many of my wedding supplier buddies will be looking back at the year, the wedding that was crazy, the wedding where the rain came down but didn't stop the wedding guests doing the conga. The one where the best man forgot the rings...(not happened for me since a wedding in 2009!!).

All these memories are yet to be created....and one day they will be a reality. I hope we will be there to capture them and lock them into a moving image for the future... I have my 2021 and 2022 calendar open and it needs some bold ink. So get in touch.

Happy New Year!



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