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An outdoor Warwickshire Wedding Darren and Yvonne

Many thanks to Darren and Yvonne for having me on your wedding day. Joined by your grandchildren, family, and friends at Ardencote Manor.

We had 2 drones rolling for the red heart-shaped balloon shots. So great that we had options in the filming of the launch. All set outside on the island surrounded by the lake. Lovely.

Darren and Yvonne where also greeted by a Wedding Sweep. A chimney sweeper who brings luck on your day. Fantastic story here it goes, and I did not know this. Did you?

Tradition has it that 200 years ago, a chimney sweep saved the life of King George II by stopping his runaway horse and carriage. The King issued a Royal Decree that Chimney Sweeps are bringers of luck and should be treated with the greatest of respect.

The reception was all inside and a live band played out the evening to the first dance, they have the best name "The Love Rats duo" please take a look at them here . Actually, they were there throughout the whole day, amazing.


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