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A very special wedding video

Nicole and Sean, were a lovely couple who had booked my service, way before COVID was in the dictionary. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, and loss of income they couldn't go ahead with my video service. To which I thought how about flipping this around. Nicole and Sean can still have a video, it won't be myself there, but could I send over the camera gear and train a guest to video for them. I then edit the footage. As they had paid a deposit and I thought it a win for them and it's not rocket science for me to edit, that's what I love and have the gear, oh, and it's a pandemic so I have plenty of time.

What actually happened I had another wedding booked for the day and I basically instructed Nicole to find a few guests who wouldn't mind filming with their mobile phones. Luckily she obliged and found some willing volunteers, who also planned to cover a mobile phone for the sound as well. We ended up having plenty of clips from the day and I cut together a short wedding highlights of the day...and I was never there. This was unique and very happy to help out Nicole and Sean.


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