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15 years of filming weddings and I thought I have heard it all...?

It was 2004 and my old friend Dave (we all have a mate called Dave), asked me to video his wedding to his girlfriend. They met on a bench at a train station in Kent. I loved the story in how they met. It was an honour, and my first and so far only wedding where the mother of the bride married them!

Amazing story and each wedding since then, each one is a love story. I thought I heard it all but 400 plus weddings later I'm still hearing fresh new stories of how people met. I love it...better still I'm still excited when I get behind the camera and film people in love. I have the best job in the world. So thank you to all my past brides and grooms who have welcomed me to there day...

Thank you.

Richard X

Thanks to Joel who used his drone for this shot.
A rare pic of me in action (far left)


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